What we need if you book us

The most obvious question is: Do We Need a Sound System?

The answer is often No.  If you have run acoustic music shows in your venue without a sound system, and without problems, we'll probably be content without one.  If you've never run a show in your space, or have only run amplified music, so you have no experience here, the answer is less clear.  In general, if the room is small, and there's not a whole lot of echo in the room, we can get by without one.

This makes us happy.  It's a whole lot easier to relate with an audience without any electronic intervention.  So if you're uncertain, let's talk.


But if you/we DO need a sound system: Our technical needs are fairly tame. We do not use any directs, just microphones.

Phil needs a decent vocal mike, a decent guitar mike, and two boom stands.

Carrie needs a mike that works with both fiddle and voice, another mike for the mountain dulcimer, and two boom stands.

We can function with two Shure 57's and two Shure 58's... or better.  The Shures are not our favorites, but for some reason they're the standard, so they'll do.

Of course, we need a mixer, an amplifier, appropriate cables, and a couple of speakers. We don't usually use monitors. If we can possibly hear ourselves without them, we much prefer that. However, if you find you usually need monitors, we can live with them.

But the most important thing is A PERSON WHO IS WILLING TO STICK AROUND AND PAY ATTENTION!!! If you've got a good sound person and system, we might like to record the show.  Let's talk about that.

We aren't fussy about lighting.  If you have spotlights, fine.  We'll set 'em and leave 'em.  We don't want the lighting to change with each song.
 If you don't have spotlights, how about something mellow, like a couple of incandescent floor lamps.  Let's put it this way: if the room is lit with a whole bunch of four foot fluorescents, it detracts somewhat from our ability to make magic.  Softer lighting works better.

Fireworks are optional :-)