Winter Solstice Concerts

"Joy, let us be joyful, on Solstice night, the longest night. Merry, let us make merry, it's a long, long time 'til morning."

Phil and Carrie present  WINTER SOLSTICE concerts throughout New York State and Northern Pennsylvania between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Add this excellent seasonal show to your own holiday celebrations!!  Hope to see you there.

What is a WINTER SOLSTICE concert?  It's definitely NOT a Christmas concert of familiar carols.  However, there's plenty of Christmas music during the concert, though the songs are unusual.  Plus there are songs for the coming of Winter, for New Year's, Twelfth Night, and the oldest holiday of them all, Winter Solstice itself.  And there's also good-humored, but historically accurate, talk.  Find out where our holidays come from, and why they are celebrated over so much of the world.  "In the year 325 a.d., one fine morning, the Emperor Constantine did declare the Roman Empire to be Christian.  Of course, no one asked the Romans..."  We still celebrate in the shadow of Fourth Century Roman politics!!!

Phil and Carrie have been performing extensively throughout the region since 2002, guitar and fiddle and two voices, doing songs with wonderful, singable choruses, and inviting their audiences to join in.  They are very good at weaving magic, especially Holiday Magic.  Phil has been performing for 40 years, Carrie not quite as long. 

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