Who Wants to Host a House Concert?

All you need is a decent size room, some extra folding chairs, and some friends who think that this is a pretty neat idea.  There's a kindof an elegance about a private concert.  It's the kind of thing that the wealthy probably do, only their chairs are nicer and I bet they don't have nearly as much fun.

The work of putting on a house concert happens in advance.  You need to find a date that both you and we can do, and you need to line up some approximation of 20 friends, and friends of friends, who trust your excellent taste, or are at least willing to take a chance.  Charge 10 bucks.

And you probably have to clean your house a little bit.  Clean the toilet.  Yup.  That's the main advantage of doing a house concert.  It forces you to do what your Mother always wanted you to do.

The concert itself is hardly any work at all.  You don't need a sound system.  You do have to gather chairs, but we can squeeze in 'most anywhere.  Then you sit back and listen and sing.  There's nothing else to do.

If you're interested, send Phil an e-mail or give him a call.

How 'bout hiring us for a private function...not to be confused with a house concert.  Someone who enjoyed one of our shows booked us to play at an outdoor get-together for his organization.  You could do that too, I bet.

One thing we've noticed: a lot of the people who like our music live in small towns, not big cities.  Maybe it's the kind of music we play.  Maybe it's 'cause life is quiet in small towns and we're a way to rev things up a bit for an evening.  Whatever the cause, some of our most fun evenings have been with total strangers in places where if you blink, you missed it.

To set up a show see our booking page.