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NEWSYLETTER #40  10/7/10


       It certainly looked like a quiet fall for your intrepid traditionally oriented folk singers.  Why, there was almost nothing going on.  But it's amazing how much can change in a few days.  Why, we almost feel downright busy.  Almost.
        And that's not all.  We had a great time at the Fabulous 1890's weekend in MANSFIELD, PA, and suddenly we're back in Mansfield for another show a week from now.
        All of these shows will be fun gigs.  Carrie and I are always looking for gigs where we have a good chance of making a strong connection with our audience, even better, a chance of people singing with us.  Sometimes we end up doing shows that are just plain hard work, but not all that often.  We're looking forward to serious Magic this Fall, and looking forward to seeing you there.

        HOME TOWN GIGS?  Like many musicians, we are much better known outside of our home towns, in far flung folkie places, sometime hundreds of miles away.  But by sheer coincidence, we've got two shows a few days apart in or near our hometowns.  Notice below that on November 7th we're in Danby, just a couple of miles south of Ithaca.  This is Phil's turf.  And on November 13 we're in Binghamton, and Carrie lives just a few miles away.  Hope we see our Friends and Neighbors in the live audiences.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9.  We're pleased to be back in WYALUSING, PA once again at the WYALUSING FALL FESTIVAL at 12:05 pm.  We'll be in a big tent outdoors, and you won't have trouble finding us, 'cause Wyalusing isn't all that huge.  A lovely, fun festival, both Friday and Saturday,  with a most excellent chicken barbecue.  And FREE admission. .

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15.  One fun gig begets another.  We're back in MANSFIELD, PA, south of Corning, NY at a place we used to play years ago, 10 West Espresso, Main Street (business route 15) just north of route 6, at 7:30.  We've always enjoyed the hospitality of the good folks of Mansfield, and the Fine Arts Forum.  Bring some pictures of presidents for the hat, and come sing with us. .

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7.  We'll be part of a long-running concert series at the lovely Danby Town Hall, route 96B south of Ithaca, at 2 pm.  This is a most eclectic and delightful concert series.  We've both attended concerts there, and it's everything that a Community Concert should be.  And best of all, it's FREE.  And open to all of you.  Hope to see lots of you.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13.  We'll be back at a really fun, cozy gig, the CRANBERRY COFFEEHOUSE at the Unitarian Church, 183 Riverside Drive inBINGHAMTON, NY.  For 35 years folks have gathered at the Cranberry to share traditionally oriented folk music.  Come join in on the choruses, and raise the roof with your voices.  7:30 pm, $8 suggested donation.  607-729-1641 .

Come find us this Fall.  Make sure you say Hello...

Phil (and Carrie)

Would you like us to play for you?  You can organize your very own HOUSE CONCERT.  If you can get 20 or so of your friends to cram themselves into your living room, we'll come play for you in your own home.  It's great fun.  Up close and personal.  No sound system.  Some of our very favorite evenings have been spent sharing music in this fashion.  How 'bout it?  Who's interested?  We don't make a whole lot of money at house concerts, but we, and everybody, will have a big grin to share.  Contact Phil, or check out the web site for more info.

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       And, friends and neighbors, is your CD collection complete?  Well, we're having a lot of fun with our second live CD, the YOU'VE PLAYED WHERE? tour.
    We're really proud of this CD.  It's about half traditional music, half newer songs written squarely in the folk tradition, by a number of fine writers.  For the first time, we've recorded one of Carrie's sparkling homemade waltzes, this one for a pair of good friends, Ken and Debra, on the occasion of their marriage.  Yes, we've included Jean Ritchie's "Now is the Cool of the Day", and Woody Guthrie's "Do Re Mi", and a whole bunch of other good stuff.  Some talk, too, of course.

If you don't catch us at a show, but want some for presents, or just for yourself,
you can order the new CD
or the first CD
"the American Folk Tradition -- LIVE"
by mail.  $15 per CD, plus $2 per ORDER postage and handling, to Phil's address, below.

        DRYDEN, N.Y. 13053
      607 844-4535