PHIL SHAPIRO's a folksinger and guitarist, and CARRIE SHORE's a
fiddle player, and a fine singer and harmonizer as well.  Together
they offer an unusual and delightful program of American folk music,
old and new.   No, they're not singer-songwriters.  They're not soft
rock contemporary acoustic performers.  No, they're not grinding a
political ax.  PHIL SHAPIRO AND CARRIE SHORE are American folk
musicians, and proud of it.

PHIL SHAPIRO AND CARRIE SHORE choose fascinating, energetic  songs
from the last couple of hundred years of American traditional folk
song, and add newer songs written squarely in the folk tradition.
This is the music we'd all be singing and playing were it not for our
fabled Music Industry.  Carrie has a super repertoire of fiddle
tunes, good to dance to, perhaps to waltz to, that she skillfully
interweaves between and within the songs.

PHIL SHAPIRO is a fine finger-style guitarist, creative and lively,
good at getting his guitar to "talk", to be part of the song and the
story.  CARRIE SHORE is an excellent  classically trained
violinist... since fourth grade... who is having a great deal of fun
playing traditional tunes, and playing bluesy and slinky

The other part of the equation is THE AUDIENCE.  Nowadays, most
performers present their music in similar fashion to television...
that is, the audience sits and receives the music, and applauds in
the right places.  PHIL SHAPIRO AND CARRIE SHORE hearken back to an
older way of doing things.  They want the audience to sing right
back.  They want to share their songs and tell the stories of where
our American music comes from and why it's so much fun to sing the
old songs... and so important to keep them alive.

In an era when most music is about the battle between the sexes,
American folk music is a refreshing change.  It talks about... most
everything anyone can think of.

PHIL SHAPIRO has been entertaining folk audiences throughout New York
State and beyond, for over 40 years.  He is, however, best known as
the host of WVBR's Bound for Glory radio show, North America's
longest-running live folk concert broadcast, Sunday nights, Ithaca,
N.Y., since 1967, and webcast at wvbr.comCARRIE SHORE has
played more kinds of music in less time than practically anyone.
She's incredibly flexible and very exciting to listen to.

 DRYDEN, N.Y. 13053
 607 844-4535